Since 2005, we are exclusive dealers of the brand Hisbalit.

Hisbalit is a leading manufacturer of mosaic tiles, with over 50 years of experience.

Founded 1964. Hisbalit is the first mosaic factory created in Europe. Now it is present in over 60 countries where it sets trends in the design of mosaics and innovation in the sector, providing solutions for a wide range of needs.

All products are manufactured using recycled glass and natural pigments, resulting in 100% environmentally friendly mosaic tiles that can be recycled.

Their production facilities, located exclusively in Spain, are environmentally responsible and clean, without the use of water by employing the latest energy-efficient electric furnaces that do not produce waste or pollutants.

Hisbalit Mosaico has implemented ecological quality management systems in all areas of the company, certified according to the standards ISO 9001 and 9014, as part of their commitment to professionalism and environmental responsibility.

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Since 2015, we are exclusive dealers of the SeaMAID brand for swimming pool lighting.

SeaMAID is the European leader in the LED pool lighting market, with innovation constantly delivering high-quality lighting solutions at competitive prices. Since 2010, SeaMAID has an additional offer for gardens illumination, which is synchronized with the pool lighting.

Anchored in the process of continuous innovation, SeaMAID maintains an undeniable advantage over the control and development of future technologies. Regarding global environmental issues, SeaMAID integrates eco-design requirements in line with European standards 1194/2012 and 874/2012.

In constant contact with market needs, SeaMAID operates on new, patented lighting systems and products every day. In 2012, 2014 and 2016, SeaMAID was awarded for its contribution to the innovation of pool lighting.

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In addition to Hisbalit and SeaMAID, we are also authorized distributors for:

- SuperSwimPro; 

- Lux Electronics and Lighting; 

- Walter; 

- AstralPool; 

- Fluvo; 

- Hayward;